Huckabee and Catholic Social Thought

One of my favorite authors, Mark Stricherz, a writer who is centered in authentic Catholic Social Thought and explains what ever happened to the Good Old Democrats in his latest book, writes that Huck is being driven by Catholic Social Teaching“Here is my guess, and it’s no more than a guess, as to what “Jesus juice” Huckabee is drinking. It’s Catholic social thought.For one thing, Huckabee sees a role for government in helping the working classes and the poor, the middle classes and the vulnerable. Such a stance has defined many Catholic politicians — former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, former Pennsylvania governor Robert Casey, and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. For another thing, Huckabee has invoked the name of the late John Cardinal O’Connor of New York for his opposition to homosexual marriage.Is it possible that this former Baptist minister embraces the social teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, or has, at the very least, been influenced by it? Talk about another good story. ”

That’s some high praise for Huckabee, but Mr. Stricherz has been a Huckabee man for quite awhile
I think it is a little overboard (to say the least) to compare Huckabee to Robert Kennedy, an exceptional American political figure, but give Huckabee credit for raising the right questions even if his answers are sometimes wrong.


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